A new beginning…

Recovering from a spinal cord injury, raising a beautiful and, at times, challenging 11-year old son, discovering and appreciating my life partner – all through the lens of chaos and candlelight.

Chaos is my daily life, my being a mum and a wife, being an artist and writer, struggling with the absurdity that is this world we live in and remembering that my problems are all first world problems – trying to find balance. Candlelight is the grace, the moments of delight, the soft, the whimsy, that slips quietly and gently into our lives – so quiet is it, that if we allow the chaos to become too loud – so easily the candlelight is missed.  Somewhere in the midst of the typhoon of Chaos and the gentle Candlelight is Peace.  Easy to say, I’ll let you know when I find it.

I expect this blog to overflow with fear and delight, random distracted ramblings, beautiful objects.  I will stumble on my quest for grace, I will include those missteps and baffling bewilderment.

Oh, and I tend to run on…somewhat. Well, quite often. Ok, all the time.


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